Winter Wheat Berry Salad With Tart Dried Cranberries

  • Serves: 6
  • Prep Time: 1 Hour
  • Cook Time: 0 Minutes

Tired of leafy greens? Mix things up with my deliciously filling Winter Wheat Berry Salad With Tart Cranberries!

One of my favorite salads isn’t a traditional salad at all. You won’t find any leafy greens, kale or lettuce in this recipe! Instead, the star of the show is wheat berries and tart, dried cranberries. If you haven’t heard of wheat berries yet, it’s a great time to get familiar! Wheat berries are whole wheat kernels. They’re a true whole grain. Wheat berries are loaded with nutrients and as easy to prepare as a pot of rice.

When boiled, wheat berries have a chewy bite and a subtly nutty, earthy flavor similar to brown rice. Wheat berries are a perfectly intact, whole grain. A cup of cooked wheat berries has about 300 calories and is packed with fiber, protein and iron. Sprouted wheat berries are loaded with vitamin E, antioxidants and magnesium.

This salad is delightfully crunchy and lightly chewy. The crunch comes from the celery stalks, slivered almonds and sunflower kernels. The chew comes from the wheat berries and dried cranberries. The result? A deliciously satisfying, whole grain salad!

Sprouted Wheat Berries

You’re welcome to use sprouted wheat berries in this salad instead of cooked wheat berries, if you’d like! To sprout wheat berries, simply place 1/4 cup of raw wheat berries in a quart-size canning jar and fill with lukewarm water. Place a double thickness of cheesecloth over the mouth of the jar and secure with a jar ring or a rubber band. Drain the water through the cheesecloth, fill again, and let soak for 2 hours. Then drain, rinse again and drain. Next, place the jar on it’s side in a dark place. Rinse and drain the jar twice a day for 2-4 days, or until 2 cups of sprouts are formed. Place the sprouts in a colander, rinse with cold water, drain and store in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. Enjoy!


  • 1 ½  Cup Wheat Berries
  • 3 Cups Water
  • 4 Celery Stalks, chopped
  • 3 Scallions, thinly sliced
  • ½ Cup Dried Cranberries, unsweetened
  • ¼ Cup Slivered Almonds, toasted
  • ¼ Cup Sunflower Kernels
  • 2 Tbsp Fresh Parsley, chopped
  • 2 Tbsp Fresh Mint, chopped

Dressing :

  • 2-3 Tbsp Coconut Sugar, adjust to taste
  • 4 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1/2 tsp Celtic Sea Salt
  • ½ Cup Light Olive Oil


  1. Add the wheat berries and 2 cups water to a saucepan, and bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover and simmer 45 min to 1 hour, until berries are tender, but still chewy (not mushy).
  2. When the wheat berries are done, drain any excess water. Place the cooked wheat berries in a large bowl and set aside to cool.
  3. Add all remaining salad ingredients except the almonds and sunflower seeds to the bowl of cooled wheat berries, and toss everything together well. Set everything aside to chill.
  4. Just prior to serving, add all the dressing ingredients to a small jar, secure the lid and shake well.
  5. Drizzle the dressing over the salad and add in the almonds and sunflower seeds. Toss together well to combine and serve.

Xoxo, Mama June

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